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    A fully qualified counsellor, to help with issues such as relationship problems, stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, bereavement and more
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  • Couples counselling, Separation or divorce, Troubled teenagers, Career apathy, Stuck in a rut, Anxiety, Unprecedented change
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How often do you find yourself thinking "if this is it, why am I so unhappy?"



You thought you knew what you wanted, and now you have it... something is just missing.

Or, you have reluctantly found yourself in a new situation – maybe redundancy or divorce – and you just don't know what to do next. You've lost your way.

You are not alone.

Our life is largely characterised by our relationships with family, peers and friends. But the most important relationship – and the one mostly ignored – is your relationship with yourself.

So easily our success and happiness gets led by an unwritten rule book – defined by others or natural life expectations. But when on a day-to-day level you are plagued by nagging doubts, fear or insecurity – it’s just not fulfilling.

Your sense of self can take a battering. You maybe focus blame on others. Or you beat yourself up continuously. If only…

Well you don’t have to live that way. If you’re serious about wanting a better relationship with yourself, your partner, family, work, your life – you can find it.

I am a fully qualified counsellor who can help you. I trained because I love to work with people face-to-face and help them to get the fulfilment they deserve.

My clients like to work with me because I am friendly, warm and serious about getting you to where you want to be. I will listen. And I will challenge you, reassure you, stretch you and explore insights with you. There will be counselling tools and techniques to help you. But my talent largely lies in helping you to discover and define what you need to do next – for you.


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